OpenAI Is Hiring for Supercomputing

OpenAI is hiring for engineers on our Supercomputing team:

Senior Software Engineer, Supercomputing (…)

Research Platform Engineer, Supercomputing (…)

OpenAI is looking for hackers to join our Supercomputing team. The team builds some of the largest compute platforms in the world, powered by Kubernetes, and crafts powerful software tools to run large-scale machine learning on top.

We’re looking for people who are talented in building and running very large scale clusters: SREs, DevOps folks, and backend generalists with experience in Kubernetes, Python, and networking are all great. We’re a small team working on a wide range of technologies. No ML experience necessary — if you have some, great! If not, you’ll get some on the job.

OpenAI is a leading artificial intelligence lab with the mission to ensure advanced AI is safe and beneficial to humanity. Some of our recent achievements include training a DotA bot (on 2,500 GPUs) which beat the world champions, and solving the Rubik’s cube with a robotic hand. We received $1B in investment from Microsoft last year and are on track towards many further breakthroughs.

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