9 out 10 Business Owners Are Subject To A Lawsuit

                                                     Are Your Assets Protected?

We live in a litigious society where some individuals make a living off of just suing individuals and especially business owners.

Do you know someone who has been sued? They own their own business and was taken to court for a situation that should have never even been considered for a suit of action against them?

Has it happened to you yet? Don’t stick your head in the sand just yet!

The Fact is that even if you win the lawsuit, it will still cost you tens of thousands of dollars just defend against the suit that may or may not have been your fault.
Their are many different types of suits, and just to name a few;
1. Suit for divorce
2. Suit for worker’s comp
3. Suit for misconduct
4. Suit for liable
5. Suit for failure to….?
6. Suit for…….and the list goes on and on…….!

Do you ever worry that you might not have the right legal protection for your business which could result in your family’s and personal assets being at risk…

  • 401K
  • College Funds
  • The House
  • Cars
  • Retirement accounts
  • Portfolio assets such as stocks & bonds
  • Internet Business Assets
  • Personal Investment Assets
  • (The list can go on and on…..)
For a business Owner, the top three types of law suits are from employees, suppliers and creditors.
Most Business Owners, think that’s what insurance is for! Wrong…what if the judgement from the suit is higher than what your insurance will cover? What if your insurance cancels you due to the lawsuit claim?
So, there are many what if’s? Do you really want to roll the dice on a what if?
Their is a solution. Thanks to one very important conversation I had with one of our valued joint-venture partners, that knows this arena all too well.
He has trained an elite portion of our staff members about some valuable information and strategies that you can use as an individual or a business owner that will help to secure your assets from being stripped out of your possession from a frivolous lawsuit.

He really was able to put us at ease with his vast knowledge of the law, experience, expertise as well as how to avoid paying extra in taxes that you shouldn’t be paying.

So I asked him as a favor, if he would share exactly what he has done for our business and so many others? He agreed and we will be holding a few rare and special sessions for business owners and individuals that really could use his assistance.

This man has helped save millions for business owners and individuals, because he knows the rules of the rich on how to buffer your taxes and protect your assets.

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